A new movie you’ve never heard of is dominating Netflix

Bruce Willis may be 66 years old, but the star of the new sci-fi action movie Cosmic Sin is still doing, well, the Bruce Willis thing. His latest release, now streaming on Netflix, finds him once again — what else? Strapping on armor of some kind, shooting up a lot of bad guys, and saving humanity from some existential threat. When it works, it really works (a la something like The Fifth Element). We’ll get into more detail about his newest title below, and whether or not his formula works here or not. But, for now, it’s worth pointing out: As of the time of this writing, it’s cracked the Netflix daily Top 10. With Cosmic Sin currently sitting at #8, as I type these words.

Cosmic Sin — now streaming on Netflix

The basics: Directed by Edward Drake, Cosmic Sin stars Willis and Frank Grillo in what wants to be a sci-fi epic, set in the year 2524. Willis plays a retired general, and the time period is four centuries after humanity started colonizing the outer planets.

Willis’ character, General James Ford, is tracked down to secure his help after hostile aliens on a remote planet start attacking soldiers. It all escalates from there into a potential interstellar war.

“We didn’t know whether to burn it, or put it in a museum,” Grillo’s character says at one point in the trailer, about … something, I guess. “I’m sure they said the same thing about me,” Willis’ hero general growls in response.

Should you stream it?

If you ask the opinion of many of the reviewers (and viewers) who’s already watched the movie, it sounds like they’d probably say Cosmic Sin is a great title here. With an emphasis on “sin.” As in, it was a sin against humanity that this movie got made at all.

There’s certainly a ton of entertaining and buzzy film content to watch on Netflix right now. Heck, just check out some of the other titles on the current Top 10 list. You’ve got Netflix originals like Gunpowder Milkshake, for example, which is a thriller about female assassins. As well as the Fear Street trilogy, which is a set of horror movies based on the book series by R.L. Stine. All three of those shot to the top of the Netflix Top 10 list, and viewers are still raving about them online.

And then we come to Cosmic Sin. Which, yes, made it onto Netflix’s Top 10 list. But which one Twitter user lambasted as so awful that somebody needs to check on Willis’ agent (presumably, for recommending this gig to the star).

Source: BGR