That 70’s Show

Role: Vic

Episode: 8.04 Misfire

Kelso shocks the boys by saying the reason for his unhappiness is that he’s no longer together with ‘his only true love’ Jackie and intends to propose to her. Jackie feels ‘she has nothing else good in her life’, never mind Donna’s objections he’ll never grow up. Next morning Michael is cured, after getting his ultimate dream job: security guard at the Playboy Mansion in Chicago, where he used to get kicked out after every visit to his daughter, thanks to security chief Vic, his kind of peeper. Alas Fez must confess he already told the girls; Fez and Hyde feel it’s Kelso’s last chance, she’ll soon be over losing Steven and never forgive him if he leaves now, he concludes it’s proposal time. Even Kitty agrees Red is romantic by booking in the sleazy motel for a repeat of their first sex, so they are late at their own party. On bended knee hearing her ‘no’ there makes Michael- the happiest man in the world, only saying goodbye to the basement circle leaves the whole gang sad.

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